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We share the latest trends in btob digital prospecting, the techniques to adopt or not for your sales and marketing strategy as well as all the technical lessons learned through our agency: digital strategy, copywriting, automation, tools, data analysis, seasonality of activity area…

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Who are we ?

AKIDEL – Btob Prospecting & Growth Marketing

Work. Ambition. Humility.

One more digital prospecting agency btob? Yes. But not like the others.

We are not the most innovative, the most aggressive, the most “pirate” in btob prospecting….
On the other hand, whatever we do, we do it with Excellency !

It's a choice. It is a state of mind.
We are very demanding and we have the ambition to grow our digital btob prospecting agency in France and abroad, with excellence, humanity and passion. The rest don't interest us?

Our clients ? They are us faithful.
Some even joined us when our agency was created in 2018 and are still with us in adventure! We have to provide them with concrete results so that they continue with us…?

There data gathered since our creation (and which continues to grow every day!) allows us to?quickly achieve concrete results with our customers, whatever the objective to be achieved.

Simple. Fast. Effective.
Your automated and personalized prospecting in 3 steps.


Framing, btob prospecting strategy and information collection


Copywriting, generation of btob lead files and validation of campaign resources


Start of the campaign


Activation of qualified prospects, automation, personalization of prospecting and post-campaign adjustment


Analysis, restitution and closure of your campaign

How to find new customers quickly?
How to automate and personalize your btob prospecting?
Inbound or Outbound Marketing? Let's find the right chemistry.

We can help you through our digital agency btob.

1-Btob strategy and tactics

The best strategy at the right time, facing the right person. This is our winning growth marketing formula.

2-Personalized automation

We automate all actions without added value in addition to integrating qualitative customization. For automated, personalized and multi-channel btob prospecting.

3-Performance over time

Our goal is to sustain performance with our customers. Continuous analysis, pragmatism and data collection are our watchwords.

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