Take control. Digital agency and btob prospecting.

Btob acquisition of new customers?
Inbound or Outbound Marketing?
Transform interested btob prospects?
Let's find the right chemistry.

Find out why our clients trust us to manage their acquisition and retention. 

They accelerated and consolidated their business with our digital agency AKIDEL

Our clients have appreciated the quality of our services and the concrete feedback from their btob acquisition campaigns

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The team is young, dynamic, determined, attentive to its customers. I had the opportunity to use the services of AKIDEL and the empathy and the search for excellence of the whole team allowed us to deal effectively with the challenges encountered to ultimately offer us a customer experience and a positive return on investment.

Richard F.

Vice President Sales & Country Manager, France & EMEA

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What “talent” this team! I recommend 200 %!
? a monitoring tool, ergonomic, easy to use,
? A responsive and efficient team,
? A tailor-made service that generates leads and allows you to develop your business!
cheer !!!! thank you all for being with us for the organization of ridy-bourgogne.com

Christine J.

Industry Advisor & Professional Events Organizer

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The AKIDEL team has a very appreciable dynamism and sense of service.

I entrusted them with a prospecting campaign which was successful thanks to the methodology for calibrating the commercial approach, and the ability to adjust the strategy according to the first feedback.

Damien G.

Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor

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AKIDEL is a dynamic company at the service of its customers. Riad (the founder) and his team are very professional and seek the best solution, at the best cost and at the best timing to make his client succeed in achieving his objectives. They don't give up! I recommend.

Nathalie N.

Founder & Director

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It is with great professionalism that the AKIDEL team accompanied me on my first digital campaign and my btob acquisition. Responsiveness, wise advice, and a sense of the customer were at the meeting. THANKS !

Natasha V.

B2B speaker & trainer

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AKIDEL brings a plus to the life of the company
Brilliantly driven ideas and passion
I recommend to boost your business and your btob acquisition

Michael K.


Adapted digital offers.
From standard to tailor-made.

What is your goal ?

Your tailor-made digital strategy.

We can help you build brand presence and develop digital strategies that engage your audience, drive more traffic to your website, increase engagement with your content, and ultimately increase sales.

1-A team of BtoB experts at your disposal.

2-Multiple marketing, commercial and digital expertise to serve your objective.

3-Without commitment.


5-Our commercial & marketing platform at your disposal.

6-Operational implementation, advice & training.

Your prospecting scenarios.

We will help you create personalized, automated and multi-channel scenarios based on your sales process. You can organize all your leads and the actions taken or desired with them in one place.

1-Strategy & Copywriting of all your actions by our experts.

1-Targeting at will: Database +21 million BtoB contacts.

2-Multichannel: Email, LinkedIn, SMS & Voicemail.

3-Customization & Icebreakers at will.

4-An expert in your team and checkpoints every week.

5-Integration with all your tools: Zapier, CRM…

6-A scenario? Several scenarios in parallel? We adapt to you.

Consulting, Workshop & Training

Implementing a digital, sales & marketing strategy is not a one-time event.

It is a process that requires ongoing assessment, advice and feedback.

We work with businesses to help them improve their marketing and sales so they can continue to reach more customers and close more deals.

We can help you take control of your marketing and digital actions.

We offer advice, workshops and training to help you achieve the best results.

Digital license from 90?.

The AKIDEL platform is designed to automate and simplify your lead generation. Thanks to a database of +21million BtoB contacts made available to you, you can target, program your sales and marketing actions and thus follow your entire commercial marketing cycle from the same place.

1-Database +21 million BtoB contacts.

2-Multichannel: Email, LinkedIn, SMS & Voicemail.

3-Customization & Icebreakers at will.

4-A BtoB expert at your disposal and checkpoints every week.

5-Integration with all your tools: Zapier, CRM…

6-Support & Hotline by email, video or phone, 5 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tailor-made “Access Pro” license. 

Your lead generation is automated. Your data, personalized. Your prospecting scenarios, multi-channel. Start tracking what's working and constantly adjust your strategy with detailed reports and performance metrics to move forward with confidence.

Suitable for teamwork and integration with your tools (CRM, Zapier, etc.)

1-Database +21 million BtoB contacts. Or using our enrichment algorithms.

2-Multichannel: Email, LinkedIn, SMS & Voicemail.

3-Customization & Icebreakers at will.

4-A BtoB expert available to your team.

5-Integration with all your tools: Zapier, CRM…

6-Team access and possibility of multi-account connection on your user space: LinkedIn & Email

How to find new customers quickly?
How to convert interested prospects?
How to retain your signed customers and prospects?

We can help you.

1-Strategy and tactics

The best strategy at the right time, facing the right person. This is our winning formula.

2-Intelligent automation

Your time is valuable. We automate all non-value added actions. The time saved is invested in analysis and strategy.

acquisition btob et croissance

3-Performance over time

Our goal is to sustain performance with our customers. Continuous analysis, pragmatism and data collection are our watchwords.

Simple. Fast. Effective.
You are 3 steps away from your future BtoB customers.


Framework, strategy and collection of information


Validation of btob acquisition campaign resources and implementation of prerequisites


Start of the campaign


Activation of qualified leads and post-campaign adjustment


Analysis, restitution and closure of your campaign

Discover our concrete, detailed and multi-sector btob acquisition customer cases.