Finally ! Your entire digital strategy
at the same location.



Awareness and visibility of your brand?

Development of your sales?

Employer brand and recruitment?


We have what you need.



More than 60 companies supported in their digital strategy.

stratégie digitale de sensey

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They accelerated and consolidated their business with our digital agency AKIDEL

Our clients have appreciated the quality of our services and the concrete feedback from their btob digital campaigns.

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

The team is young, dynamic, voluntary, attentive to its customers. I had the opportunity to use the services of AKIDEL and the empathy and the search for excellence of the whole team allowed us to deal effectively with the challenges encountered to ultimately offer us a customer experience and a positive return on investment.

Richard F.

Vice President Sales & Country Manager, France & EMEA

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What “talent” this team! I recommend 200 %!
? a monitoring tool, ergonomic, easy to use,
? A responsive and efficient team,
? A tailor-made service that generates leads and allows you to develop your business!
cheer !!!! thank you all for being with us for the organization of

Christine J.

Industry Advisor & Professional Events Organizer

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The AKIDEL team has a very appreciable dynamism and sense of service.

I entrusted them with a prospecting campaign which was successful thanks to the methodology for calibrating the commercial approach, and the ability to adjust the strategy according to the first feedback.

Damien G.

Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor

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AKIDEL is a dynamic company at the service of its customers. Riad (the founder) and his team are very professional and seek the best solution, at the best cost and at the best timing to make his client succeed in achieving his objectives. They don't give up! I recommend.

Nathalie N.

Founder & Director

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An effective, efficient and sustainable digital strategy that brings you concrete results.


What is your goal ?

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

Reach your audience and your prospects: acquisition by Emailing & LinkedIn.

AKIDEL brings you new prospects and customers, by email & LinkedIn.

We'll create the perfect email template for your digital strategy, generate lead files based on your criteria so you can start sending prospecting emails, and get more customers!

We you We'll also help generate leads through LinkedIn.

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

Organic visibility on the internet: your content & SEO strategy

Make your brand visible thanks to a digital content strategy designed on the principles of SEO.

For your business to reach its full potential online, you need quality content written by experienced copywriters, that is search engine friendly and optimized for long term visibility.

3 essential elements to put in place: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

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acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

Nurturing, follow-up of your audience and your prospects – Emailing.

Your audience is the foundation of your business. 

You need to nurture your audience and keep them up to date with the latest news. But that's not all ! Your digital strategy should follow up with your prospects and have them adopt you as their preferred supplier.

We have developed a nurturing process tracking-based that allows you to track your audience and leads through newsletter and social media to grow your audience, generate qualified leads and get new customers.

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acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

CRM integration.

From data analysis tointegration with your CRM, choose an agency that knows how to use the latest technology for your business.

We make your data visible, understandable and usable in order to perform accurate analyzes and make the right decisions.

From CRM integration to business intelligence and dashboards, we help you find the right path to better performance.

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

Another request?

You want to ask a question or discuss a project, you can contact us on the site, by email, or in person. We will do our best to help you with your request!

Contact us, we will be happy to help you?

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The AKIDEL accompaniment in a few words.

+60 customers

supported: service, industry, cybersecurity, real estate, consulting, etc.


Emailing, LinkedIn, Social networks, SMS, VMS.

Custom made.

Our services are adapted to your budget and your context.

B2B Experts

we have surrounded ourselves with the best digital partners.


our bases and our processes
are GDPR compliant.


technical and operational support
by email, phone or video.

Simple. Fast. Effective.
AKIDEL support, how does it work?

1-Discovery call.

Our expert is available to understand your needs and analyze the feasibility of our support.



2-Call for strategic and commercial proposal.

Our expert will make you a strategic and commercial proposal.


3-Agreement on support and signature of the contract.

Update of the proposal by the expert based on your comments.

Agreement and administrative formalization.

4-Call for framing.

Your expert will frame the support plan with you and your team: start, end, milestones, objectives, schedule.

Accompaniment & framing.


5-Hand in hand, we roll out the action plan.

A recurring point will be made with your expert in order to monitor and adjust the progress of the support plan.

Support & follow-up.


Test us.

We are aware that you need to be reassured.


Digital agencies, marketers, salespeople can tell you everything... in order to sell you their service.



It's not in our DNA.


This offer applies to you if you are:

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,


For small and medium-sized businesses that must always be profitable, have visibility on the future to develop serenely, the digital and digital strategy is essential.

We provide solutions for the development of your business.

Our team of specialized experts is committed to providing you with easy-to-use technology services that ensure your competitiveness, your profitability and your growth.

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,


Your startup is launched, you need to make a profit quickly or raise funds. You want to advertise and show off your product or service.

We will help you launch your offer, raise funds or simply be visible to your audience or the press.

We share the same DNA.

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acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

Marketing – CMO, Marketing Manager or Freelancer.

A marketing department you can rely on is not easy to find.

We have the expertise and resources to support your company's or client's marketing mission.

Our services include helping support digital marketing activities: strategy consulting and brand design, community management and targeted content creation (blogs, videos, graphic design of all types) , targeted emailing, digital advertising campaigns (SEO / SEM), on social networks and other sites.

A backup marketing team, to help you without replacing you.

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

Vente / Sales – CSO, director or sales manager, business developer or freelancer.

Tired of spending wasted hours on the most time-consuming digital tasks?

Help is at hand in carrying out your mission.

Whether you are a sales manager, business developer or freelancer, we are here to support you!

Our team of experts will help you achieve your mission. We can advise and support you operationally in a complete sales process.

acquisition btob, agence digitale btob à Lille, prospection btob,

Growth – CGO, COO, director or growth marketing manager.

CGO, COO, director or growth marketing manager, salaried or freelance, we help you in your growth marketing mission.

We can accompany you on all stages of the upmarket move of your company, from the creation of your strategy and its implementation to the completion of marketing, sales and digital operations.

We specialize in growth marketing.

We help companies to develop thanks to our growth ROI approach and a method tested on more than 60 companies.

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AKIDEL – Digital agency.

Work. Ambition. Humility.

One more digital agency? Yes. But not like the others.

We are not the most innovative, the most aggressive, the most “pirate”….
On the other hand, whatever we do, we do it with Excellency !

It's a choice. It is a state of mind.
We are very demanding and we have the ambition to grow our BtoB digital agency in France and abroad, with excellence, humanity and passion. The rest don't interest us?

Our clients ? They are us faithful.
Some even joined us when our agency was created in 2018 and are still with us in adventure! We have to provide them with concrete results so that they continue with us…?

There data gathered since our creation (and which continues to grow every day!) allows us to?quickly achieve concrete results with our customers, whatever the objective to be achieved.

You have questions ?

 Do you want a personalized proposal?

Don't want to get involved?


Let's get acquainted.

Why commit quarterly or annually with us?

You save 30 to 60% by taking advantage of the commitment rates!

Access to all our resources.

Access free to our resource library as well as our year-round webinars, training workshops and giveaways.

An expert dedicated to your performance.

A BtoB marketing & sales expert will 1 to 2 monthly points to ensure your performance.

Your digital doctor follows you over time.

FAQs. We answer
to all your questions.


1. Is your digital prospecting solution developed in France?

Yes, our solution is 100 French %.
It is developed in France.
It is hosted on secure servers in France by OVH and other French partners.
All AKIDEL data of our customers is stored on secure servers in France.

2. What are the sources of your files?

The main sources of our professional database BtoB come from files already constituted by specialized professional directories and leaders in their fields:

Public data from social networks: LinkedIn?

The legal information database of INSEE, Infogreffe, Bodacc, Legi France, RNCS?

There CCI: THE portal of bedrooms trade and industry

The official directory of craftsmen

Free access directories: Check. com,,

The files in open data public administrations, health, education, associations?

In addition, we have developed our own enrichment algorithm allowing us to generate the most reliable professional addresses on the market.

3. Is it legal to email strangers?

Yes, as long as you comply with the GDPR framework in force, you can send targeted emails, messages on LinkedIn or call by telephone completely legally. Discover the GDPR compliance conditions here

4. Who will create the prospecting messages and content?

You have several options at your disposal, depending on the offer you choose. If you opt for the AKIDEL ?All in one? offer, our team of BtoB experts in prospecting can become yours for the duration of a campaign.

5. What can I do with the generated leads?

At the end of each prospecting scenario, our customers can retrieve the entire btob prospecting file containing the details of the leads generated during the campaign: email address, phone number, linkedin profile, company name, scoring, import date

The file becomes theirs, the GDPR responsibility is also transferred to them at this time.

6. How will my e-reputation be preserved if I send thousands of e-mails?

We have implemented processes that allow our customers to prospect every week, while preserving their brand image and e-reputation.

We set up a technical prospecting structure parallel to the client's official structure (prospecting domain name, prospecting messaging?).

Then, we respect specific requirements and deliverability standards defined on the market: limited number of emails sent per customer, monitoring of essential post-campaign metrics (volume of unsubscribers, bounce rate, opening rate?). 

Finally, our prospecting experts define complex strategies with our clients so that they always bring value to their final prospect and that they are well perceived.

At the end of each campaign, we carry out a cleaning of the databases in order to avoid contacting the prospects detected following the previous campaigns.