BtoB platform. Availability and support.

Features of the btob platform, support, IT security and data management

*Service Content

The Service Provider undertakes to provide the following Services: Provision of a btob SaaS platform for digital prospecting including a BtoB database, a mail sending server, a LinkedIn connection automation service, a ?automation of email + LinkedIn actions, complete statistics of interactions with the prospect:

  • The provision of the complete platform with access unlimited to our B2B database, LinkedIn automation, statistical analysis, PRM (with the possibility of connecting via API to your CRM) 
  • Automatic recognition of AIRCALL, RINGOVER? via the contact's phone number in the PRM space of the platform
  • Access unlimited to the nominative B2B database, including LinkedIn platform files
  • The recovery of the file of prospects who have shown an interest in your messages at the end of the campaigns, including the LinkedIn files (openers of the messages)
  • Integration of your SMTP accounts + unlimited LinkedIn accounts (depending on the offer)
  • Monthly capacity of 10,000 credits (depending on the offer): 1 credit = 1 email sent 
  • Daily capacity of 200 LinkedIn interactions: 1 interaction = 1 invitation or a message sent or a visit to the prospect's profile in multi-client mode
  • Access to our global mail routing infrastructure
  • Unlimited campaign management
  • Assistance from the AKIDEL support team for setting up the customer account on the AKIDEL platform
  • Centralized multi-user administration

Quality of Services of the btob platform

*Compliance with Service Levels

The Service Provider undertakes to respect, within the framework of the provision of the Services, the Levels of Service as defined below in order to ensure in particular the quality and continuity of the Services and the availability of the Solution and the Base. of data. 

This specification is expressed in terms of results defined and quantified in the form of service indicators. Each indicator is associated with an objective and measurable value, agreed between the Parties, which represents the level of performance expected by the client. The differences between the values to be achieved and the actual results are measured. When these measures reveal non-compliance by the Service Provider with the Service Levels to be achieved.

In order to allow the customer to control the measurements of the Service Levels carried out on our btob platform, as well as the relevance of the indicators used, the Service Provider undertakes to make available to the customer, according to the terms agreed between the Parties, the tools measurement and follow-up tools such as dashboards and activity reports. 

* Evolution of Service Levels and updating of btob platform indicators

The Service Provider shall, on the basis of the Service Level measurements carried out, propose and implement the corrective progress plans necessary to respect the Service Levels and their constant improvement. The Service Levels may also be revised within the framework of governance if, during the provision of the Services, these Service Levels prove to be inadequate or irrelevant to the customer's needs.

Following a change in Service Levels or in the event that an indicator proves to be irrelevant, the Parties agree to update the list of the various indicators within the framework of governance, in order to specify and refine the methods of calculation, enrich the reporting system and adapt the indicators to the evolutions of the Solution and to the needs and constraints of the client.

Dedicated support service from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (working days)
By email : (or by appointment)
By phone: +33 9 71 00 47 34

Response times
Functional assistance and use of the platform: 3 hours
Technical support and incidents: 24 hours (and more depending on the incident and supplier impact)
Time to correct anomalies / Incidents: 72 hours (and more depending on the incident and the supplier impact)
Availability of the solution: 24/7


Guarantees by the Service Provider

The Service Provider guarantees, throughout the duration of the Contract:

  1. the compliance of the Solution and the Database with the applicable laws and regulations in force, as soon as the client makes use of the Solution in accordance with the stipulations of this contract
  2. the availability of access to the Solution and the Database;
  3. the physical and logical security of the Solution and the Database and the preservation of the integrity and confidentiality of the Personal Data comprising the Database;
  4. the provision of Services in compliance with Service Level commitments. 
  5. to remedy, as soon as possible, and without additional cost, any malfunction or anomaly affecting the Solution

Guarantees by the customer 

The customer guarantees, throughout the duration of the Contract: 

  1. Use the Solution in accordance with the Documentation provided by the Service Provider in appendix 3 (see below); 
  2. Communicate the information requested or necessary for the performance of the Services.
  3. Not to use the Solution to disseminate content that would be contrary to public order and morality or any illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, blasphemous or otherwise reprehensible information, including, without limitation , any transmission constituting or encouraging what would constitute a criminal offense would involve civil liability or otherwise violate any French law.
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