How to succeed in an Emailing campaign for your prospecting?

You are about to launch a new prospecting email campaign. It might even be your first campaign. Fortunately, we have gathered for you the 8 essential steps for a successful email campaign. How to succeed in your emailing campaign? 

Easy, fast and relevant, e-mail is the tool that should not be neglected for prospecting in 2022. The solution is indeed inexpensive, accessible and its customization is more than recommended. supplement it a prospecting platform digital is a plus.

#1. The 8 steps to a successful e-mailing campaign.

To make it easier for you to create your e-mailing prospecting campaign, we have put together the key points for you to follow.

These 8 steps are essential. Neglecting them would make your campaign much less efficient, believe our experience. We wish you a very good reading.

So how to succeed in your emailing campaign in a few points? 

1- Determine the objectives of your e-mailing campaign.

It's no longer a secret, each prospecting campaign e-mailing has one or more objectives underlyings.

Whether they are from fame, of loyalty, or even sale, it is necessary to define them.

Forgetting them is a bit like skydiving without a parachute. Better not jump, we let you imagine the fall. ?

Different objectives for your prospecting campaign:

  • Fame : make known its company, its products/services or its news.
  • Build loyalty: to create and maintain a good relationship with your customers.
  • Sell : to increase your turnover.

The chosen objectives should guide your choices throughout your campaign.


2- Target your audience according to the objective of your e-mailing campaign.

It's trivial, and yet, we must not forget this step.

Let's take as an example the objective: sale. You do not go ? we hope ? approach your direct competitors to sell your products.

The latter will at best take it as a joke and at worst as a personal attack.

We have intentionally enlarged the line to make it easier to understand.

Be careful not to get bad publicity.


3- Create a relevant scenario for your prospecting.

For your e-mail prospecting strategy to be successful, it must be consistent.

A single email is not enough to prospect. Taking into account reminders and programming in your strategy is necessary.

A good script should have 3-5 emails. So don't despair. Know that it is common for the closing to take place after the 7th or even 8th email.


4- Write e-mail prospecting-oriented content.

Ah! Let's get to the heart of the matter, the writing your prospecting e-mails. If you had to remember only one piece of advice from this part, it would be: humanize your emails.

So, of course, you potentially want to sell a product or service. But remember that the person reading you is not a robot.

If you want to know more, we made you a complete article on this subject:

How to humanize your prospecting email?

Of course, we must not forget direct your content towards prospecting. So, offer solutions adapted to the needs of your prospects, but only – perhaps – after the 3rd email.

Also and above all, adapt the angle and level of your language according to your target.


5- Define the best subject for your prospecting email.

Our solution to define the best object for your prospecting is: A/B testing.

A/B testing consists of sending two (or more) versions of a campaign to a defined sample and seeing which works best.

Once the analysis of the results is done, all you have to do is choose the most efficient one.

For your A/B testing to be relevant, we advise you to modify only a few variables (only one being ideal.)


6- Do not forget the call to action of your e-mail.

The famous call to action ! Eh yes. It should not be forgotten.

Essential, it is, by definition, the keystone of your prospecting email.

A call to action can take different forms and meet several objectives. :

  • The calendar: to facilitate easy appointment scheduling.
  • Link to website: to redirect your reader to a specific page.
  • Promotional offer " in exchange for an email response.
  • Ask a question that requires an answer: to facilitate interaction.

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7- Analyze your e-mailing campaign.

Everything is in the title ! ?? At AKIDEL, we advise you toanalyze your prospecting campaign: before, during and after.

Before : with A/B testing.

To determine: the most relevant mail objects, the angle, the call to action?

During : thanks to scoring.

To define the prospects to be nurtured and also the way to proceed.

After : with a detailed report of the campaign.

To become aware of the positive points and those to be improved.

Each step of the analysis is important and must be carried out carefully.


8- Improve, restart and amplify your next prospecting campaign.

?Either I win or I learn. » This philosophy is very true and all the more so in prospecting.

Deploying an e-mail prospecting campaign is not always easy.

Starting over to improve is an integral part of the prospecting process.

Now you know itHow to make your emailing campaign a success!

If you haven?t reached your goals yet, know that we can help you get there.

More than an all-in-one btob digital prospecting platform, AKIDEL is above all a digital agency with personalized and unique support in your prospecting process.


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