Digital & marketing agency – Business Case: From 0 to 42 clients in 18 months flat

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Marketing & digital agency – Result of the support:

+42 B2B customers starting from 0 in 18 months, with 0 euro in advertising!


Formulation of the need by the organizer of the btob show:?I have just pivoted my activity, so we are starting from 0, I have to find customers urgently, then consolidate my new pivot with prospects and customers who drop each month?

Customer context: Talent Digital is a BtoB customer acquisition and retention marketing agency, specializing in emailing and LinkedIn channels. The agency was created in 2017 to support digital talents in making their audience profitable and developing their BtoB activities. Since October 2020, the agency has pivoted to refocus its activities exclusively on supporting companies wishing to acquire new prospects and/or retain existing customers.

Talent Digital markets two major service offerings:

-A license to access its all-in-one marketing and prospecting platform with monthly support from a B2B expert and 360 training on the platform, features and good prospecting practices.

-Operational and strategic support for the duration of a campaign to achieve a marketing or commercial objective set with the supported company.

Talent Digital has a generalist and 360 approach to prospecting and has therefore supported (and continues to support) companies in all sectors of activity from the moment the company: 

- is in B2B;

-is growing and needs to acquire new customers or retain existing customers;

- is educated at least on the subject and can follow and activate the result of the actions generated by our teams in the medium/long term.

Digital talent has therefore been AKIDEL's first customer, since the first action I had launched at the time, as a founder who had just pivoted his business and needed cash very quickly, was: automated email prospecting scenarios targeted at my region, the Hauts -of France ?

This business case does not include any confidentiality notice. You can therefore contact us directly to ask us all your questions on the subject. 

If you are in the same context, we can help you by deploying the same recipe adapted to your situation and your ambitions. Let's talk about it.


OBJECTIVES of the support

  • Find customers very quickly
  • Implementation of a B2B acquisition strategy that brings in between 1 and 3 customers per month
  • Continuation of the B2B acquisition strategy and duplication of this strategy on another market segment

STRATEGY for attracting the first customers quickly for the marketing agency

1-Client context and first support approach with respect to the context: 

In October 2020, Talent Digital achieved its pivot and launched its three life-size test offers directly on the market.

The objective was twofold: 1-Acquire new B2B customers quickly / 2-Understand this new market and collect as much information as possible on the interaction of the market with this first version of the offers in order to iterate in a second step and succeed in reaching the real final positioning of the offers.

At that time, I was alone, I had no human resources. I had no marketing or advertising budget. I had 20 days to close my first client (the rent does not wait...). I landed on a completely new market for me. But my objective and new look allowed me to go straight to the point to find my first client! Plus a little beginner's luck?

Before attacking my market and finding my first client, I had to put in place the essentials of marketing and sales to be able to prospect: 

-A clear, precise and relevant marketing positioning? I had to make choices and decisions about the positioning of the brand and the offers, in order to be identified, recognized in my market and subsequently attract an audience that identifies with these messages.

- A deployment of the brand on the digital, simple, aligned and fast? I made the choice to initially set up only the essentials of marketing, that is to say, a website, a LinkedIn profile and a Google My Business listing. 

- Be administratively ready to conclude: preparation of contracts, general conditions of sale, quotes, invoices. 

It was only then that I began to prepare my email prospecting scenario.

?2-The method with which we rolled out and found the first customers… up to the 50th? with 0 euro in advertising.

At the end of this work of defining the essentials, of the first ?quick wins? and from a first iteration to be carried out, here is what emerges: 

  • Start with the local market, i.e. the North of France and the Lille metropolitan area: in order to promote and streamline the closing, it is much simpler and more user-friendly to visit the prospect in order to establish a real human link before it becomes commercial.
  • Implementation of the first business cases and references with word-of-mouth: Before launching my first prospecting scenario, I had to mobilize my network in order to find a first prospect to accompany who would make a case study and a reference for my prospecting 
  • Creation of a qualified and precise BtoB prospect file 
  • Creation of all prospecting elements: prospecting angles, main body of emails and follow-up, website tracking. 
  • Program the scenarios and prepare for the activation stage 

?It took me 15 days flat to close my first client from email prospecting.

Then, I had to reproduce this performance, consolidate it and above all duplicate it in other market segments and with other btob marketing and sales resources.


+50 new BtoB clients signed for the marketing agency in 18 months with 0 euros in advertising

+3 large BtoB accounts

+New territories exploited: Netherlands / Belgium / Ireland / Morocco / Canada


Final customer testimonial

Founder, CEO Digital Talent

?Pivoting and launching the new version of our Talent Digital marketing agency specializing in BtoB was one of the best ?business? that I have taken in recent years. This allowed me both to put myself in the direct challenge, since I had to find my clients using my own services.

But above all it allowed me to work with more than 50 companies, from different sectors, with different products and services intended for completely different targets, which allows me to have a super rich perspective on the economy and BtoB prospecting. that I will be able to exploit for myself, for my clients and for all the companies that I will develop today or tomorrow.?

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